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About secretly nazi Viktor Orban,
the Gipsy prime minister of Hungary;
and others

Now he has the second own government in Hungary, because socialist Ferenc Gyurcsany attacked all people at the time of a national celebration to provocate an antisocialism and an antiliberalism out the people. The first Orban-government stealed many money, and also the second is stealing. So, now he has not money, so, our Hungaro-chauvinist Gipsy prime minister can not give money to Hungarian people, but imagines that the injured man are not injured, they are cheaters, he thinks or only says. Azerbaijan was a good partner to give money, but the dictator of Azerbaijan didn't say true, when he said that the murderer of an Armenian will be in jail in Azerbaijan after the years of the life in jail in Hungary. How can he believe to Arabics, if theye are Islams, too? Arabics want to attack Western Europe from not own countries, but from Hungary, that country is konwn as arabic country in the Arabic states because of a few and more machats by converting. So, the libralist-socialist Hungarian civils and the conservative Hungarian civils will murder each other because of this evil situation, because conservative Hungarians like poor burned Palestinians and liberalist-socialist Hungarians like poor burned Jews. (Word poor is not used ironic word.) While Western Europe attack back, and the chauvinist conqueror neighbourly nations will conquering more territories.

And a second important thing: if anybody make bombs in Libanon against bad men who are not bad men, so, it is a supersticious bomberman, the full people of Libanon is not evil, Mrs. Clinton says. But it is the situation in Hungary, the full Hungarian people is said as evil people. It is the ideology of nazism. If a liberalist says about a law-injuring in Hungary without Hungary in abroad, all Hungarians are said as evil men by politician, also the liberalists. Poor saying liberalist at abroad. (Word poor is not used ironic word.) Politicians are fucking, but the peoples believe them. Will being atombombe, then a happy world without the mankind.

And a third important thing: if you see a news video or simple video that record a jeep that transport a white woman with sunglasses and a brown man with megaphone and a white man, it is maybe a fake viedo, they don't say voices, theye move their own mouthes mutely.

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