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It is a tengrianism, the tengrianism of the name of the sea.

Hungarian tengrianism is the religion of the name of the sea. It is a good religion. However many Hungarians are stupid in modern times (who not?), but tengrianism is not stupidness.

49 (7×7) passages of the religion of the name of the sea by Imre Mate and my notes by mainly Imre Mate (Máté Imre). It is a more modern list as the old tengrianism ,but old tengrianism was not very bad. The list called 7×7 is done and corrected. Better text.

  1. Originally the ancient power existed only, it is called Yotengrit by arch-Hungarians. Yotengrit had the good and bad powers.
  2. Arch-Hungarians thinked that the Ancient Energy was passive, then it created its own intelligence, it became the selfkonwing intelligence about its own existing. The spiritual matery got quality, so, not only quantity was had at starting of time.
  3. The undivided YOTENGRIT created spirits and compact worlds by its own spiritual matery. But It could not create life with soul, and the Universe was instabil, because the stabilising powers didn't exist, and the bad powers were the parts of the Godness yet.
  4. The life with soul needs more and more quality called selective evolution or sexual reproduction. The sexual reproduction needs also feels, not only intelligence. So, the Godness missed to be without the bad powers.
  5. The godness tossed out of itself the bad powers. The arch-Hungarians thinked that everything is by the spiritual matery of the godness, so, the creation, the evolution is manifestation of the godness.
  6. The 2÷3 parts of powers are good powers those exalt as male-god and female-god.
  7. The base of duality the harmony of the sexes - from the biological practices to the philosphical sublimate.
  8. The bad powers are not parts of the dualism. The arch-Hungarians thinked that bad things do not miss to feel the good things as good things.
  9. The female-god is called UKKÓ (Mother Earth, the Ancestor) and the male-god is called GÖNÜZ (Spiritual Sky). Theye are one who called TENGRI.
  10. The godness has two personalities and two sexes in the subtstance and philosophy. They are the World Vortices who stabilise each other.
  11. The satan called Udag or Ármán is outside the Vortices. The exist and evolution don't needs Udag. Udag is a power as enemy. Theologically Udag betrays the created ones to do bad things.
  12. Originally Udag is a spirit of ones who were created by Yotengrit before the creation of sexes. So, Udag is sexless. It taked the bad and tossed spiritual matery to itself, and it became giant wronger power. But it is a creation of YOTENGRIT, too, therefore good things are in many bad things. Udag is not perfect bad one, but also the creator gods are not perfect in the good things.
  13. The original name of the religion of the name of the sea is BÜÜN. The BÜÜN proclaimes that the spiritual matery has quantity and quality. The quantity of the spiritual matery has been able to done sharing, multiplying or adding. The quantity of the spiritual matery has been able to become to worse or better quality.
  14. Everything is by the spiritual matery of God, so, the people are the parts of God, so, they can create. They also can create a god, if the quantity and quality of the spiritual matery of them is good that is coordinated by them.
  15. The other Hungarian name of God is ISTEN that name or word meant or means spiritual sky or spirit in the sky or saint. So, Great God and god minors are distincted.
  16. The protector spirits of nations and peoples are called as gods. For example the God of Hungarians.
  17. The God of Hungarians is an alive god. He was an excellent hero and ancestor who became god by his own people. He offsets the common ideology and screens back to the indivuals and communion.
  18. If a people worships a god of a second people, the frist one bows to the second one.
  19. Hungarian people has two protectors: the God of Hungarians, the warrior hero and the Happy Lady, who is revelation of UKKÓ for the happyness of mankind. If the God of Hungarian, called is the sword and reeds of the Hungarians, Happy Lady is the targe. The sword and reeds kill only the bad men if they Hungarians or strangers, but not every men of the nations are bad or good.
  20. The protector spirits protect only their own believers and the friends of each other. Be cheerful when somebody else is happy, lucky and succesful. Be more cheerful if he or she is member of your nation, and more more if she or he is your relative or acquaintance. The life is easier between happy and succesful people than injured and victimized ones. About importance of providing see #25. Listen the more intelligence ones, and agree the good ideas. It is uniting of good ideas, it is not of the death of the freedome of your opinion.
  21. Woman and man, female and male are one only with each other, alone they are half ones. When the statement One, two from one, two and one is said, the people remember about the becoming female and male god of the undivided godness. They were uniting, and a new one was born by their uniting. Then the new one becomes/became two half ones, etc. The ancient suspicion is hold by the female sex fo ever and ever, women are queens of their own fireplaces.
  22. Despotism has not reign in the families. Harmonious lives are in the good families. Good families: good society, bad families: bad society. The despotism is started in the families.
  23. Women's bodies are holy. Who is letted into her, he is letted into, who is closed out her, he is closed out.
  24. Pleasure is from God. The fact of an making love is not guilt, but a way of making love can be guilt. As every other situations, everything is free that does not wrong to others. The love conjures the sex to love of the partners.
  25. EVERYTHING IS FREE THAT DOES NOT WRONG TO OTHERS. Others are not only peoples, they are animals, stones, the whole nature. Learn by the wisdomes to not do guilt of willful and unwillful ways.
  26. Basic instance: tend your soul and put on it to take perspicuity and completeness to the day of your death. Don't wrong, don't aggrieve, but provide and help.
  27. Death is antipole of birth instead life. The gates are important. So, become more intelligence and better human, because your responsibility is life of your soul. Collective release does not exist. Do good things. Listen the instances and prohibitions. (Is bad state before death the antipolar of life in womb?)
  28. Don't kill every animals and plants. Don't bring toxins into waters. Don't catch fishes in order to playing, because all plants and all animals are your brothers. They have soul, spirit; the world is theirs, too. Respect mainly the totems who are your ancestors.
  29. Hold the warly laws. Kill, if it is needy, but don't murder, don't rob your enemy's family, don't punish women! Order of evacuating:
    1. young women and little children,
    2. women and children,
    3. old men
    4. warriors men
    Order of eating in time of famine:
    1. children,
    2. sick and wronged people,
    3. old people
    4. women
    5. men
  30. Who use anybody egoistly, he or she eats human(s). Don't hold slave(s), venerate your servant.
  31. Work and employing both are the productivity. The enemy is the parasitism, for example banks or the too hard social network.
  32. Everything is free that does not wrong to others. What is eaten, drunk, consumed by somebody, making love and kids: those are private things. Those are not a state's things.
  33. A woman is wife or is not wife, but she bears if she want to, and doesn't bear if she doesn't want to. Her body and soul are hers.
  34. Going at a good way is important because of own good spiritual state and God's good spiritual state, because the creations are from the spiritual subtsance of God. If a soul losts, the spiritual matery of God losts, the winner of the one of the fights is Udag. Not everybody knows what is good what is bad. They need advices. Shortly: good=useful, bad=harmful. So: it is subjective, and a moral without rancour and unresponsibility is important.
  35. Function of priests is to explain the words and inspect the wordly powers without any wish of their own priestly material richness.
  36. Who leads he or she let not tread above ones, he or she let go before they as role model about honour and knowledge.
  37. Don't pray scenicly. Good gods are not feudal lords or multinazis. They give solace to your soul when you pray in bad times. Call UKKÓ's name with sacrifising water and grain. Call GÖNÜZ's name with sacrifising fire and smoke. Call HAPPYY LADY's name with fire of candle. Greet UKKÓ and GÖNÜZ at sunrise with slowly long song. Greet both them in this way, too, when the Moon swims as ship on the rump of the sky.
  38. Don't misuse God's name. Don't call spirits because of playing or show.
  39. Don't travel in the spiritual words beacuse of playing, because you will can be in a bad situation.
  40. Don not ban for will of somebody. Don't wish bad thing(s) to anybody. But punish the grudging people, because they are awful and dangerous members of the society.
  41. If you are a doctor, you can take money. But if you are shaman, the healing is not job, only work, in the name of God. You can recieve money only from richmen.
  42. If God give you fortunes, don't forget about your friend! Mainly don't forget about your wife or husband or lover! They are not fligths of steps to step upto.
  43. Forgive to the sinners, also the misuser of his or her power, but do not requite him or her.
  44. Learn to differ enemies and rivals.
  45. What is wanted by God that you can not know, so, don't say what is will of God anything is done by you. It is misuse with God's name.
  46. Returning to faith of ancestors is not is wanishing of the last 1000 or more or less years. Every good things are important to live in the present.
  47. A good theology does not become angular or twisted, but it is supple always, if the number of women in the common of theologists is correct.
  48. The Doctrine is the substance, not the names. The name God is not name, it is only a word. So, let us call God God.
  49. 7 instances:
    1. Have a disciple and be faith to it.
    2. Protect who run to you.
    3. Love spare all creatures of the Heaven, for example also the animals in civilisation and the animals in nature.
    4. Have holidays to remember about gods and ancestors and to meditate about the events of in the world.
    5. Don't die with knowledge that is not shared.
    6. Care about your family and servants and guests and relatives and communities.
    7. Always try to make peace, be peaceful.
  50. 9 restraints:
    1. Do not murder!
    2. Do not make bad fire!
    3. Do not do violence!
    4. Do not tell lies!
    5. Do not make love in order to egoism!
    6. Do not go to treating, if you are not invited!
    7. Do not divide lovers, married humans by lies and fomenter veracities!
    8. Do not wish and receive the goods and family and gun of your neighbour in pawn!
    9. Do not crucify who depend(s) on your pleasure!

Shortly about the whole tengrianism

Boring and short history of all great peoples of Eurasia to understand something about tengrianism: From Iran came the Mongoloids and Europeans. Indians are Altaic from long before the time of tengrianism. Altaiic tengris are good gods. Sumerian dingirs are bad gods. Dingirs and Sumerieans are from Eastern Europe. Tengris maybe were in Eastern Europe, see later. They ancestros were Finno-Ugric peoples, and the Sumerians are ancestors of the Indo-Europeans and Hungarians. The Finno-Ugric has to sacral numeral systems: 6's and 7's systems. The ancient titans were 6 persons. The Sumerian numeral system was the 60's system. The (pre-)Sumerians were the leaders of Egypt, and nowadays they are selfish spiritual teachers in India. Gens of Eastern Eurpoe is H and R1a. H is in Scandinavia, Balkan, and Iran, too! It is by Sumerians or the paleolitical humans? R1b is the gen of Western Europe and Western Siberia. The R1a appeared in Central Asia after the Indoeuropian invasion in Europe by the desert in Turan. The Semitic people are from Sumeria, too, because pre-Sumerians were farmers. Farmer were before sheperds in history. Pre-Sumers became form matriarchist people to matri-partiarchist people, and they went to Eastern Europe through Asia Minor, so, Europe became matri-patriarchist place. Then, the Sumerians were patriarchist people, and the ancerstors of Indo-Europeans and Hungarians went to Europe through to Caucasus, and invited the domesticated horses to control the area. The Hungarians are Finno-Ugric Sumerians, the dingirs are tengris. The good gods of Indo-Europeans are tengri-shaped gods, the bad gods are dingir-shaped gods. The Finno-Ugric runic scripts are from the frist Semitic writing system. The pannonic runes had old Finno-Ugric and Turkic-Slavic names with not exactly pronunciation. However, the Greeks and Romans went to Balkan and Italy through Pannonia. By the way, Turkics were in Central Asian mountains until the Mongolian invasion from the desert. This alphabet gone to Central Asia by Finno-Ugrics because of Celtic peoples, it was the second migration to Central Asia. That migration had the Ugric-Turkic-Iranic terms of horse-riding and the base of Altaic tengrianism and Western-Chinese taoism. The Tibetan bön was a strange variant of the Finno-Ugric-Altaiic shamanizm. It is not a fighter shamanism, but the Northern shamanism is a fighter shamanism. So, in Tibet the demons are softed by priests of bön. And: the bön has more Iranic complex as the Altaic shamanism, because the bön is from the Kushan empire. The Kushan-kings used Ugric-Turkic-Iranic terms of horse-riding.

Corrections about history: The first farmers were around Italy at Ice Age. The Eastern became Finno-Ugric and Indo-European and Sermitic pastroalic peoples. The Sumer farmers atttacked the Semitic pastoralic peoples, the Finno-Ugric-Indo-European sheperds attacked the Finno-Ugric farmers, the Indo-European farmers attacked the Turkic peoples in Turan, the Western Side of Central Asia or Eastern Side of Eastern Europe. (Oops: Turkic peoples were attaced by the peoples from Pontus already, and the second peoples were attacked by the R1a-peoples.) A place farmership sometimes was as a mediterran place, so the sheperd societies' leaders became imperalist ones. A mediterran place or a desert can do bad to the spirits of humans. But it is not a mediterran place. By the way, the political spreading was beacuse of the natural spreading of Black Sea. The Finno-Ugric part had the ideology of woman-man dualism, dualism of goods that goods help to each other. The tengrianism was known by Altaiic the peoples when the (pre-)Hungarians taked the Celtic symbol Tai Chi and Celtic iron-technology to Western China. The Ural-Altaiic philosophy is philospy of the North.
Korrekció: A kőkori Itália környékén kialakult a földművelés, ami aztán a sztyeppén pásztorkultúrává lett. A földművelés elhozta a nemi egyenjogúságot, a társadalmi rétegződést és az apajogúságot. A sztyeppei finnugok szkítává és árjává lettek Turánban, megalapítva az Andronovói kultúrát, és aztán a magyarok a kelta elnyomás elől ugyanoda mentek, megismertetve Ázsiát a vassal, Tai Csi jelképpel, tengrihittel, és a néhol szeredás fajtájúvá keveredett táltoshittel is. Vissza.

It was the history of peoples. The tengrianism is from Finno-Ugrics to Altaic peoples. Tengri name means sky or god, but in Hungarian the words by the Tengri name means fairy and sea nowadays (in Hungarian tündér tenger). The original sea-god perhaps was Okan. Okan is the Mongolian sea-god. Oceanos, the greek god? Is a few relations of instrument guitar Finno-Ugric-Altaic instrument, fgor example Finnish kantele and Japanise kotara? (Oops: I do not know what is kotara if it exists.)

Altaic Tengri is male main-god. But Finno-Ugric Tengri, nowadays called Isten is a female main-god. The Sky is outpouring as bearing mother and love-maker husband. The Sky as only main-god is Mother, but in the duality or trinity often it is male. The dualism is the duality of Mother and Father. The trialism is the triality of Mother, Father and Daughter. The Daughter is the next Mother. So, the sex of women is an immortal sex, it is the immortality of mother nature. The tengrianism is not a violent, converter religion, so, the Altaic tengriamism, the Western-Chinese taoism and the Tibetan bön are all special religions. The tengrianism is animistic and panteist, however it seems politeist. The animism say about natural souls that many souls are good souls and many souls are bad souls. It is humanly opinion. The moral is before religions. So, tengrianism is not a converter religion, but if you want to show a great ideology against Islam fanatism, show the "7×7 list" to the people as religious or worldly ideology. They decide that they use it wordly or religious ideology against th Islam fanatism.


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The tengrianism has the freedom of symbols. A few symbols.

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