1. Pantheon.
  2. Poem.


  1. Mother Goddes and Father God.
  2. First Sister Goddes and First Brother God.
  3. Second Sister Goddes and Second Brother God.
  4. Third Sister Goddes and Third Brother God.
  5. Your National Protector Goddes and Your National Protector God.

4 main godddeses and 4 gods are president-queens and president-kings of 4/5 elements, of 2/3 worlds, of 3 mythological types of shining heavenly objects, of natural powers. Religion is a common and individual feeling to worship spirits or godddeses and gods as parents to live more easily and bravely.


Making love is cheerful,
It's felt by Parent Gods.
Also by creations.
Created in such way.
Earlier motherhood
is not bad, but early.
Many aborte's needly.
Let not be aborte need.

Doing of good things are
free and important things.
Freedome, workers, brothers.
Not selfing, colds, murders.
Respect the freedom of
words and soul and acts of
others, and they let do
respecting of yours, too.

Question everything and
do not be lazy, be brave.
Examine the means of
the words, thinkings and acts.
Don't murder, do not steal,
do not lye, don't be bad.
If you are in need, love
in that time, too; always.

Penalty, redemption,
Forgiveness: important.
Forgive to others, and
yourself because of peace.
In war save and protect
women, and helpless men:
your own and enemy,
prisoner, companion.

Factors of good army:
faithful lover or wife,
Families, injureds
let not became poor then.
Civil let save country,
too, don't hate each other.
If kid soldier deserts,
He (or She?) let live.

Order of running is:
little kids, bigs, old men.
Famine's feeding-order:
kids, old men, adult men.
Look your girlfriend's mother,
marrige with her daughter.
Man let say nice, good things.
Does he do only goods?

Love and veneration,
faith, beliefe, no secrets.
Despotic houses make
despotes above country.
Persons, groups are selfish,
but persones who make bads.
Do not want to make pains,
do not do good badly.