The ancient philosophies and tales of Ural-Altaiic peoples of Eurasia and North America


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Hungarians are an Ural-Altaiic people. Hungarians and others were/are stupid at newer ages mainly for 100 years. In 1848-49 Hungarians wasn't making ethnical clearings, only asked the ethnic to learn the Hungarian language. Hungarians believed, if the Hungarian language will not be ever, Hungarian people will not be ever, too. Karl Marx knew that Hungarians were not bad. Communism is nice idea, but the dictatories called communism were not and are not nice political systems. The Hungarians protect the languages, but have legends about own good grammatic and accent rules.

Slavics hate Hungarians and Gypsies, Hungarians hate Gypsies and Slavics, Frenches hate Hungarians and Gypsies, Englishes hate Frenches and Blacks and Hungarians. Gypsies, Slavics, Hungarians: peoples who have many bad and good feeling and very very good musics. Peoples are stupid, because people are stupid, it's true, but: people are stupid, because peoples are stupid, it's false. You can be stupid or not stupid or half-stupid, and others can be, too. The large crowd is egoist and unintelligent, peoples don't consist of only large crowds. Hungarians, but not all Hungarians did bad thing in the history, other angry stories about that people are fantasy or semi-truth. It is the situation of other peoples, too. Doings and stories.

In the 2nd worldwar the Jew-killer party was hated, because the poor parts of the Hungarian ethnic already knew that party party is not socialist. This party was liked by almoust only its own socialist programme. The most antisemitic Hungarian was in that era selective antisemitic (act are important, ar not the DNA, civils thinked). An antisemitic and anti-gypsy, etc. Hungarian often is poor or hitted or semi-Hungarian, but if a semi-Hungarian feel himself/herself Hungarian, he/she is an Hungarian. Who feel himself/herself Hungarian, he/she is a Hungarian. Hungarians and (a few?) others, however theye have a few angry speaking in the history, theye are more tolerant without dictature called communism as the peoples Western Europe, but in Eastern-Central Europe was a dictature called communism that have money ba North Atlantic sectes, but not by the peoples, it is an important fact.

The root of antisemitism in Hungary: the people use to hate the traders, because he is clever or svindler. Many clever men are thinked as svindler, however he is only clever. Gypsies are angry sometimes, mainly in the era of capitalism, because they have not job, and their jobs do ont exalt. Poor gypsies were angry men before the capitalism, too, because they did not know about toxic substances of finded died animals. Poor other men hate those angry, poor gypsies' angry. Gypsies have talent in working and music.

Horse and Caucasus

Be free and ready as horse, attend as a horse. But horses were instruments of control where religion was patriarchal, but where religion was not patriarchal, the horse teached the freedome of equality and good acts. The horses are very very very good war instruments and friends, so horse rider people are very very very hated, by other peoples, however they are not people of Mars planet of Chines Fire Element, but the Jupiter of Tree Element, so a Hungarian is very good or very bad.

Nowadays Kazakh Stan is part of Eastern Europe, too. In Old Times Eastern Europe was only West from Turan. Central Europe is beetween West Europe and steppe of Eastern Europe, also nowadays. Old Central Eastern Europe's aboriginals were finno-ugric people, who were assimilated by the Sabir people, a horse user and maybe mesopotamian-caucasian patriarchal imperalist people in full geographic wideness. Sabir was the second nation in the world after the Sumer. That assimilation was uniting assimilation only.

A part of thepatriarchal conquerors migrate to Turan, were they became Indo-Europeans by hard life in the desertifation, so they came back, and the Finno-Ugric Sabirs went Turan to establish the Andronovo-culture, where they make economist peoples from the hunter peoples by power, because the different lyfestyles cause many conflicts. Turanians went back in more occaisones to Europe, so Indo-Eurpoians and Turanians are in that area later than one another, but Sabirs and Indo-Europians hate one another in very very very large hating only 152 years, by agents. The first Sabir going- back maybe was done by Assyrian elit. Assyrians invented the horse-riding. The Andronovo culture had conflicts of lifestyles at South, too. The Andronovo culture had territtorial conflicts, too. Deserts?

The Azerbaijanians are Caucasian Sabirs, their ancient territory was cutted by Armenians, so they hate the Armenians, unfortunately all Armenians, not only the a few Armenians of the present. This was the first reason of lie-telling to the Hungarian prime minister aobut the money-giving pactum, who is secretly Hungaro-chauvinist, but gypsy prime minister. However, Armenians said to him about the truth, he wantes to believe the Azerbaijian dictator because of the little money. But that pactum were became as knnwn by Hungarians only after the doing of pactum. Well, this new is a divider factor to Hungarians, as the semi-Hungarian Hungarians believe that the Armenians are (collective) bad people, because agents said that, and the semi-Hungarian Hungarians don't know that they are agents. Richmen of the are succesful in the conflict-makings by their agents, it is bad.

Base Poem

Making love is cheerful,
It's felt by Parent Gods.
Also by creations.
Created in such way.
Earlier motherhood
is not bad, but early.
Many aborte's needly.
Let not be aborte need.

Doing of good things are
free and important things.
Freedom, workers, brothers.
Not selfing, colds, murders.
Respect the freedom of
words and soul and acts of
others, and they let do
respecting of yours, too.

Question everything and
do not be lazy, be brave.
Examine the means of
the words, thinkings and acts.*
Don't murder, do not steal,
do not lye, don't be bad.
If you are in need, love
in that time, too; always.**

*: yours and others'; **: not only can be on need, and needs of war are most awful and most evil needs. Needs in war are ugly needs, so wars are not holy things, those are sad things, however, purposes maybe good of the needs, but acts of wars are ugly. And soldiers do violence things. Don't be conqueror, or a conqueror let (can) not lead you to war.

Penalty, redemption,
Forgiveness: important.
Forgive to others, and
yourself because of peace.
In war save and protect
women, and helpless men:
your own and enemy,
prisoner, companion.

Factors of good army:
faithful lover or wife,
Families, injureds
let not became poor then.
Civil let save country,
too, don't hate each other.
If kid soldier deserts,
He (or She?) let live.

Base Poem+: Lists

Order of evacuating:

Order of eating in time of famine:

Twin Poem


Have thoughts and learn things.
Protect/help others:
you've how many power.
Look out, help yourself, too.
Working and holiday.
Cleverness and feelings.
Do not distroy, but love
others, yourself, thinking.

Who can become happy?
who can help anyself,
and who can be helped,
who teaches, who allows.
That is bad turn to good
Good uses, other not.
Good needs not bad to be
good, many bad has good.

Specy's life-giver can be
smile of the man-woman.
Who is the good partner,
Good partner misses, good.
Good and clever humans,
brave husband, clever wife,
tolerant and not lies,
lover life, lover life.

Who is the good partner,
good partner misses, good.
So wife, so family,
therefore look her mother.
Rules of children, adults,
old men, three rule-system.
Show your love, show your love
to adults and children.

Big brother let sitter
for a little time, or
the big brother will
hate the little, and back.
Love let be the unite
of the families.
Not tyranny or it
causes state's tyranny.


Principles needs faith,
have a faith, anything.
Knowledges, and beliefe,
also know, and believe.
Be tolerant, and see
your faith's, knowledge's error.
Food of believes is the
spirits of the men.

Don't be egoist,
vehement, stupid.
Your spirit is Nature's,
Make your mind to beauty.
Want good, but only well,
but only, only well.
Don't want good badly,
it is worse, than svindle.

Don't do bad, don't do bad,
do good thing, do good, for
example a little;
but don't bad, but don't bad.
Do not be egoist,
help to men, do things.
Don't be changed to stupid,
this is most dangerous.

Don't take somebodies and
things for i. e. credit.
Don't humiliate, and don't
murdering, don't blackmail.
Don't tell lies,  don't tell lies,
don't tell bad truthes, too.
Don't make fire to ravage,
don't ravage, don't ravage.

Good laws do: you cant do bad,
bad laws attack you.
Laws of peace are better,
than laws of the war.
Wars all are bad,
anyting else is said.
Good men neighbourness
does not want war.

Genders' love in ancient times' way

Tibet and the Vanatru

Taoism has more good things by the Celtic-Sabir people of the Tarim Basin as the Tibetans, because the Chinese people weren't afraid of demons. But Tibet has good things, too. The Hungarians believed in the 4 universal or 5 Chinese elements or own 5 elements by Taoism.

When a Chinese delegation was in Hungary, many Hungarians were China-liker and many Hungarians were Tibet-liker, because China China is a cultural country and conqueror country, too. So, Tibet-likers were the clever, they didn't believe the Chinese politicians propaganda through the economist-dilettant Hungarian government. Chinese culture is great, but the politicians... Tibetan bön religion is mixture is Tibetian softing shamanism, Tai Chi liked dualist and fighter shamanism of Uralic people, and many Asian religion.

The bön maybe was from the Andronovo culture. Andronovo culture was a culture of kurgans, bön is a kurgan-haver religion. Is Sabir "bön" (büün) philosophy is more friendly thing than the Tibetan bön, or also have got büün and bön religon good and bad shamans? Shamans are good or bad people. The büün and bön had not many dogmas, then they had many dogmas by buddhism. Shamans are good or bad people.

The Sabir büün religon's gods are the tengris, who are the van gods of vánatrú. Tengris are dingirs of Sumerians. Vans and tengris are friendlies, dingirs are unfrendlies. If the tengries are friendly, they became unfriendly dingirs in Mesopotamia, the tengris are old-european gods, who are friendly as central-asian gods, too. Gods of Vanatru are friendly gods, too.

About the bön

The bön is the softing variant of the sincretist fighting shamanism of the Kushan Empire that was from the Tarim Basin.

Büün religion:

  1. Fighting shamanism,
  2. kurgan-culture,
  3. Uralic and Ural-Altaiic dualism, so lover dualism of goods.

Kushan Empire:

  1. Altaiic shamanism,
  2. religions of Iran country and Shiva god, later Buddhism, too
  3. Nestorian Christianity.

Gyer religion (bön):

  1. Softing shamanism,
  2. kurgan-culture,
  3. doctrines mainly from Iran and India.

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